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Budget – Rivet Shelving

The Riveto shelf is designed for the manual storage of light and medium loads and due to its versatility can be adapted to any desired configuration.

It is made of steel and its surface finishing can be painted or pre-galvanized.

One of the main characteristics of this shelf is the total absence of screws and welding: all components are manufactured in a single piece which provides greater strength and durability at a lower cost.

The beams and crossbars that support the shelves are fitted in the slotted upright, making the assembly of these shelves a very simple task: only a rubber or nylon head hammer is needed.

The beams are slotted along its entire length in order to facilitate the configuration of shelves for the user needs.

There are two versions, Riveto 1 and Riveto 2.

The Riveto 1 is designed to carry heavier loads, supporting 200 to 1,000 Kg. per shelf; however, Riveto 2 is designed to support lighter loads between 70 and 500 kgs per shelf. All this depends on the configuration in height, front and back of the shelf and its material, which can be chipboard, chipboard with melamine or metal.

The applications of this system are numerous because apart from conventional shelving, tables and workbenches can be configured, as well as reel rack, specific shelves for storage of tires, workshop equipment rack and even bottles rack.

The Riveto system has a lighter version, ideal for domestic use and designed for manual storage of light or very light loads. This version is called Riveto 1 Light and Riveto 2 Light and the only difference with the previous version is that its components are thinner.

With the Riveto system you can also make storage structures with high bay aisles, that is, shelves floors connected by corridors which are acceded by stairs, allowing double or even triple height storage space.

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