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Shelf Bin

Shelf bins are designed to fit all standard metric shelves, cabinets, paternosters and industrial workstations.
Our product range includes 11 bins of different sizes. The depth dimensions are 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm. Bins of the same width stack securely, even if they are of different lengths. Individual bins can be sub-divided internally using dividers.

Straight sides ensure an efficient use of space, and the bins are available in several bright colours to facilitate product identification. You can see the contents clearly through the transparent bins. Each bin comes with a label and protective cover.

Coloured bins are made of polypropylene (PP); crystal clear bins are made of polystyrene (PS). Kennoset bins are made of recycled polypropylene. Standard colours: grey RAL 7016, red RAL 3020, blue RAL 5015 and Kennoset blue RAL 5022.

Treston Shelf Bin Image

Accessories ordered separately

Labels with protective covers for bins

  • 1868 with S-10: bins 3010, 4010, 5010
  • 3532 with S-15: bins 3015, 4015
  • 1123 with S-20: bins 3020, 4020, 5020, 6020

Labels for dividers

  • 1792: dividers D-10, D-15, D-20, 616
  • 3194 (self-adhesive): dividers 610, 620

Blanking piece for affixing a self-adhesive barcode

  • FP-6M, all bins